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2023-2025 IASLC Committee Nominations


The IASLC seeks a highly competent and active pool of members to serve as volunteers on its organizational committees, a unique benefit of IASLC membership. IASLC Committees represent a broad geographic spectrum, a multidisciplinary perspective, and integrate gender equity, all playing an integral part in establishing diverse and inclusive committees. IASLC committee members contribute their specialized skills and talents to help shape the work of the organization, develop educational content, shape the association's messaging, plan annual meetings, contribute to publications authored by the IASLC and more.

If you are an active member of the IASLC with interest to serve, or would like to nominate a colleague for committee service, please complete the nomination form below.  If nominating a colleague, the IASLC will contact the nominee for more information.  Nominations should state the committees preferred by the applicant, the experience and knowledge they could bring to this role and be supported by at least one other member of the IASLC. Please note IASLC committee members are allowed to serve on only one committee at a time. 

For more information on IASLC Committees, please click here.



1. Log in to the system using your IASLC member portal credentials.

2. Click on the links provided below to access the Nominating Forms.

  • To Nominate a Colleague:The deadline to Nominate a Colleague is March 10, 2023 at noon MST (18:00 UTC).
  • To Nominate Yourself or Accept a Nomination: . The deadline to submit your completed form is March 10, 2023 at noon MST (18:00 UTC).

Elections Calendar

January 30, 2023

Committee Nominations Open

March 10, 2023

Committee Nominations Close

April/May 2023

Candidates are reviewed by the IASLC Executive Committee

June 2023

Candidates Notified

September 9, 2023

Committee Term Starts

Committee Member Responsibilites

  • Work in strong collaboration with other committee members and committee leadership to advance the mission and vision of the IASLC by meaningfully participating in and engaging on committee projects and activities.
  • Learn and agree to the responsibilities and expectations of the Committee and its members by observing and completing the Committee’s onboarding orientation process
  • Assist in the discharge of the Committee's responsibilities under the leadership of the Chair
  • Review all Committee meeting agendas and attached materials
  • Attend regularly and participate actively in all Committee meetings
  • Participate in and contribute to Committee projects, activities and email communication
  • Complete tasks assigned by the Chair
  • Identify issues to be considered by the Committee
  • Serve on Subcommittees as requested by Chair, when appropriate
  • Engage in strategic planning efforts of the Committee
  • Request special reports and analyses through Committee Chair as necessary
  • Maintain an active membership with the IASLC
  • Adheres to all standards of involvement listed above. Notify Committee leadership immediately if commitment to the Committee cannot be continued at any time
  • Understand and comply with IASLC's conflict of interest policy including disclosure of significant financial interest in, or other relationships with, an entity having a commercial interest in the subject matter in question


If you have any questions regarding the IASLC Committee Nomination process, please contact membership@iaslc.org